Noise Nomads, Ernest Thrasher, Los Condenados, Toothe Ache., Guerilla Toss, Sediment Club, Happy Jawbone Family Band, The Complete Hotel Double Tragedy, Big Blood, Mark Cunningham, Blood River Dusk, MARS, Fat Creeps, ZEBU!, Home Body, Bene Gesserit, Justice Yeldham, Tellavision, Great Valley, Burlington, Vermont, Edith Demonized Vomit Insurance, Tracey Trance, M00SE, Big People Band (Egg, Eggs), Belltone Suicide, Diagram A, Fuck Brett, Happy Jawbone Family X-Mas Gift To You, Paul Flaherty, Sam Gas Can, White Limo, Gary Wilson, Lisa Wants To Talk To You, Vinyl Re-Issue.